Internet Is Easy!

First, we need to learn some basic HTML


Headings define the outline of your site. There are six levels of headings


This is how you make an unordered list

This is what an ordered list looks like

  1. Notice the new "ol" element wrapping everything
  2. But, the list item elements are the same
  3. Also notice how the numbers
  4. You should be noticing things in this precise order, because this is an ordered list

Inline Elements

Sometimes, you need to draw attention to a particular word or phrase.

Other times, you need to strongly emphasize the importance of a word or phrase.

And sometimes you need to shout!

Empty Elements

Thanks for reading! Interneting should be getting easier now.

The Authors

P.S This page might look like crap, but we'll learn how to fix that with some CSS soon.